K-12 Vision Plan seeks to strengthen North Dakota's education system

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BISMARCK, N.D. - North Dakota has a high graduation rate, but there are plenty of improvements to make.

For the first time, multiple entities are coming together to create a statewide strategic plan.

The K-12 Vision Plan features six overall goals. Some of which include ensuring reading proficiency by the third grade, reducing the achievement disparities for Native American students and those experiencing poverty, and increasing the number of kids who graduate ready for either secondary school, the workforce, or the military.

This is the first time that 24 entities have come together to work on a singular strategic education plan.

“We have the same ultimate reason to exist. We exist to help students and their families make sure our students are getting what they need to be successful in whatever they chose to do,” said Superintendent Kirsten Baesler.

Baesler says that most states measure educational achievements in the form of attendance, but their vision is to measure student engagement to get more accurate metrics.

The 24 entities have been implementing these goals for the past year and have seen a general increase in math and reading scores.