Jury trial canceled for a man charged with murder in Williston

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A jury trial has been canceled for a man charged with murder in Williston two years ago.

Court records show, the trial for Tovias Cerna Carrillo, which was set to begin on Monday; has been scratched from the Northwest Judicial District Court Calendar.

The Williams County State's attorney office and the defense team won't confirm the reasoning for the cancellation. But the County State's Attorney's office say they are waiting for the scheduling order.

Sources close to the case say, it's very likely Carrillo will plead guilty and could face close to 20 years in prison.

Carrillo is accused of fatally shooting Juan Palacios in January of 2014. The body was found east of Williston near a mattress a few days later.

Carrillo is facing felony murder and two counts of terrorizing charges. He is also facing other charges, which were filed last year.

His next court date has not been set.