John Hoeven teachers greet students with parade

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MINOT, N.D. - Teachers of John Hoeven Elementary School went out to show their students some love, from a distance.

Cars lined up in the parking lot of John Hoeven Elementary School for the first time in weeks. But they weren’t parents, they were teachers.

Teachers of grades K through 5 lined up and headed out for a teacher parade through neighborhoods near the school.

They were able to greet, wave, and speak with students they haven't seen in two weeks.

Nateal Bosch, a kindergarten teacher for Hoeven, says it is a good way for students know know they are missed.

“"I think all of us at Hoeven want to let our students know that we miss them so much and that we think about them daily and we're going to get through this and be back better than ever," Bosch said.

The parade made it's way through neighborhoods with students and parents outside waiting to say hello.

Russell Norman, a student at Hoeven said it was nice to see his teachers again.

"It felt pretty cool, I saw my science and social studies teacher, my homeroom teacher and my math teacher. I really miss them and I hope I get back in a few weeks," Russell said.

Russell’s father Robert Norman says it was a great experience, especially for his children.

“"It was a really great experience. You know they've been at home for a few weeks now and I know at first they were excited to be out, and then they really started to miss their teachers," said Robert.

This is just one of the many teachers parades taking place around Minot during school closures. You can reach out to your school to see if one will be coming to you.