Job Service North Dakota releases March employment numbers

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Job Service North Dakota released new numbers today for the month of March.

Statewide, total personal income dropped a percent and a half state-wide last year making it the second-slowest growing state in the country. However, North Dakota was 10th in per capita personal income at more than $55,000.

In Williston, initial claims for unemployment dropped to 118 in February. In 2016, there was just under 500 claims.

The number of jobs on file topped one thousand jobs. That number doesn't include the companies that reach out to individuals. The number of active resumes per job opening also has fallen to 0.6.

"We need people. We definitely don't have enough people to fill the positions that we already have. As the amount of resumes go down and the amount of jobs go up, we have a disparity there so we're looking to fill those positions," said Cindy Sanford, Job Service North Dakota-Williston.

Sanford says many companies, especially in construction, will be hiring shortly after Easter.