Iron Eyes says N.D. needs to provide for a long-term energy economy, not just short oil booms

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State leaders met with leaders from the Mandan Hidatsa and Arikara (MHA) Nation to address the sharp increase of crimes in the Bakken.

Democratic congressional candidate Chase Iron Eyes was once a tribal judge for the MHA Nation and saw many cases first hand.

A new FBI Agency could have a big impact on the Fort Berthold Reservation.

"We're hoping it has a chilling effect," said Iron Eyes.

Iron Eyes says many major crimes on the reservation require federal jurisdiction not provided by tribal governments.

"Now more than ever we need that cooperation and federal presence," said Iron Eyes.

Iron Eyes believes the law enforcement office is essential, but says the jump in criminal activity could have been prevented with more mindful planning.

"When the price drops our friends lose their jobs, and we have to deal with the fall out," said Iron Eyes.

The fall out he's referring to is the increase in drug and sex trafficking, murder and violence, and most recently, major job losses.

"We need to take an approach to provide for an energy economy for the next 100 years and not necessarily open the floodgates for a 10-year boom," said Iron Eyes.

Iron Eyes says heavily relying on one energy source with constantly fluctuating prices doesn't put our economy or workers in the best position.

"We can't put all of our eggs in one basket but in order to remain a competitive state and a competitive nation we've got to consider an all of the above approach," said Iron Eyes.

He advises development in fossil fuels, bio fuels, low-carbon energy, renewable energy and valuing water resources.

Iron Eyes is running for the North Dakota House of Representative seat against Republican incumbent Kevin Cramer, R-N.D.