Former House Candidate Chase Iron Eyes calls for 'new ways' to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline

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BISMARCK, ND - Chase Iron Eyes, former Democratic candidate for the U-S House of Representatives, has called on new ways to bring pressure to Dakota Access.

In a Facebook post, Iron Eyes says, "New ways to bring pressure to DAPL & the governor are needed. Law enforcement parked those deuce & a halfs on the bridge deliberately to keep protesters south of the water, then someone lit them ablaze, it would be very very imprudent for the protectors to do that. Now protectors can voice their opposition as loud as we want south of the burned vehicles but can't stop construction. In order to stop construction one must trespass on DAPL property. They are leaving no options but to take the fight to Bismarck-mandan. It's way too cold already to do prayer walks to the bridge, or maybe I'm just weak. There are no large warm emergency sleeping quarters built for all those still in tents, like actual Walmart quality tents. I know I'm Jonny come lately. I never like to ask people to do things I wouldn't do myself but DAPL is forcing our hand, and indeed because of the patriot act, NDAA & high surveillance on everything, nothing is safe ask snowden, I would caution you to never agree to illegal behavior online, never urge illegal behavior or agree with anyone in person to do illegal things or with a phone present, even if you trust them. There is no other way but civil disobedience now, nonviolence will win. The law they want to maintain requires us to let them poison our water. That's no law, that's oppression. Again my thoughts are with those in the tents tonite. Lila wopila ichichapelo, tunkasila unshiulapo, wasagyapo. You are forcing Standing Rock to risk their water supply when Bismarck said no & is no longer in the sacrifice zone."

In response, the Morton County Sheriff's Department says, "We continue to urge leaders of the protest camps to isolate those who wish to commit unlawful and violent acts. We were encouraged to see the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council voting earlier this month to ask the Red Warrior Camp to leave due to several illegal activities coming out of that group. This is not about the pipeline; this is not about the protests; this is about the rule of law.”

Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., who defeated Iron Eyes on election day, says in an email, “Chase Iron Eyes' comments raise serious questions about his fitness to be a licensed lawyer as well as a relevant leader. After three months of violent protests, trespassing and vandalism, it is time for adult leaders at Standing Rock to stand up for the values that are the legacy of their Sioux elders and call an end to illegal activity. The ecoterrorists and professional paid rioters serve a political agenda and have done great damage to the citizens of Standing Rock. If Chase Iron Eyes cares about North Dakota he will acknowledge the foolishness of his post and stand up to the paid rioters, not encourage them.”

Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., says in a statement, "“People have the right to peaceful protest, but they do not have the right to break the law. Everyone must act within the law or be held accountable for their actions.”