Inventor of electric stove inducted into BHS Hall of Fame

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Over the years, Bismarck High School has inducted many notable people into their Hall of Fame. This year, one of their inductees is long gone, but his invention lives on today and has become a part of our daily lives.

Every day hundreds of students walk the halls of BHS. In the 1880s, George Hughes was one of those students.

"George Hughes just did many great things both in the community of Bismarck, but also just changed the landscape of the technology we have in our kitchens," says Bismarck High School Principal, David Wisthoff.

After graduation, Hughes went on to invent an appliance that most of us use every day: the electric stove.

"That revolutionized our lives. I am staggered, just dumbfounded to be part of the inductees in which he is one of them," says fellow Hall of Fame inductee, Bonnie Staiger.

In 1910, Hughes introduced the electric stove to the world. In 1940 Hughes was awarded the modern Pioneers Award for the invention of the electric range.

"There's so many people from Bismarck High that have gone on to do great things in our state, in our country and in our world. George Hughes is one of them. It's pretty cool when you think he got his start at Bismarck High and that he was able to change the world," Wisthoff says.

BHS continues to adapt with the times, but Principal Wisthoff says the core values and dedication to its students education remains.

This year's inductee list includes George Hughes, Associate Poet Laureate Bonnie Larson Stager, who received the "Poetry of the Plains & Prairies" prize, and third generation owner and president of McQuade Distributing Company Shannon McQuade-Ely.