UPDATE: Intruder at Bismarck High School prompts lockdown of classrooms

Parents, today, received this communication from Bismarck Public Schools warning of an intruder at Bismarck High School.

According to the communication, the classrooms at Bismarck High and Will-Moore Elementary were on lockdown as a precaution. No threat was made to students or staff.

Law enforcement found the intruder, at which point school operations returned to normal.

Bismarck Police, in a statement, said that a male subject, who did not want to be admitted to a nearby hospital, fled from his family and medical staff. The subject did run to and enter Bismarck High School, which triggered the lockdown by administration.

Upon reviewing video footage, the subject ran straight through the school and exited a different door. He continued running north and was located by authorities later.

The subject was not arrested and has not been charged with any crime. He has since been reunited with his family.