Internet service providers can now sell browsing data

BISMARCK, N.D. - President Donald Trump is giving internet service providers a leg up.

An internet privacy bill passed during the Obama administration has been repealed.

Internet service providers can now collect, share, and sell your browser data.

"There were already companies that you and I deal with on a regular basis that probably were gathering certain browsing history about us," said Daniel Sipe Jr., North Dakota Information Technology Department deputy CIO.

Web providers such as google and Facebook already share browsing data to third parties.

Which is why opponents say broadband internet providers should be able to do the same.

But, because the internet privacy law never went into affect, The North Dakota Information Technology Department says the new repeal won't have a substantial effect.

"Everybody needs to be concerned about privacy. We all need to think about it. But from where we were yesterday, to where we are today with this, we're not any different," said Sipe.

Despite the green light from Washington, providers like Verizon and AT&T say they will not sell information to third parties.

Micdo says they won't change their policies either.

"We ask advertisers to identify what kind of targets they want. Men, women, North Dakota, South Dakota. Then we identify if we have those targets and send along their advertising to those targets. Without giving them the identifying info of who that customer is," said Dan Nelson, director of governmental affairs for Midco.

Sipes suggests using software like virtual private networks if concerned about internet privacy.