Industry workers gather to discuss asphalt roadway maintenance

Published: Mar. 29, 2017 at 2:38 PM CDT
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Asphalt roads are a continuous problem, especially with pot-holes in need of repair.

Over 200 transportation industry employees packed the Ramada Hotel to listen to speakers from all over the nation.

Speakers shared best practices, tips, and technology on ways to improve asphalt roadways. Other ideas presented included how to ensure longer lasting roads and better use of highway transportation funds.

"The focus is to extend the lives of pavements and maximize the dollars for tax payers and make them go as far as possible," says Mark Blow, Senior Regional Engineer.

The conference is said to be a 'game changer' for engineers, contractors, and consultants, because they're learning new innovative ways on making roadways last longer.

"Some of the things we've done in the past are just out of habit, and we need to re-invent, re-invest, and head in a new direction," says Dale Heglund, Program Director.

The presenters taught the audience how to, where to, and what the best applications can be for asphalt roads.

"They get to take their roadways to the next level. That they get to apply something new that they haven't thought of before, but just a new application, and make a roadway last with just a small tweak," says Heglund.

As for those pesky potholes speakers went more in depth on certain techniques for repairing them.

The conference also showed how to respect work zones, both as a construction worker and a driver.