Industrial Park of Minot Gets Key Certification, first in state

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MINOT, N.D. - Some big recognition for industry in Minot is putting the city in the limelight again: the certification of Minot's Industrial Park, which is the first of its kind in North Dakota.

Call it a big day for industry in Minot.

A new announcement has put Minot on the map.

"The Ag Park out East of town is a certified site for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad. That is a huge accomplishment for this community," said Mayor Chuck Barney.

The city's industrial park is one of 13 sites across the county to have earned this distinction from BNSF.

The 800-acre park has 386 acres served by rail. This is the portion that's been certified by BNSF.

"In the site certification process they will actually be marketing us to businesses that come to them who are looking to expand or relocate their operations. So we're really excited about that," said MADC President/CEO Stephanie Hoffart.

But, getting this accomplishment was no walk in the park.

"There were a lot of things that have tripped us. We've had to deal with market and economies that have changed," said BNSF Regional Manager Justin Pearson.

But civic leaders say it is a step forward.

"You've worked a long time Minot's worked a long time, the value added Ag is so important and looking at different opportunities outside of oil, oil is important-we're not saying it isn't- but we need to look at other opportunities and this is a step forward," said John Schneider, economic development and finance division director for the North Dakota Department of Commerce.

This Certified Site designation by BNSF will help further develop the Magic City, keeping Minot on the map.

The MADC says there is 80 more acres in the Industrial currently shovel ready, continuing to add more growth to the Magic City.