Industrial Commission looking to implement CO2 enhanced oil recovery

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The North Dakota Industrial Commission is looking at ways to get even more oil out of the ground.

The commission heard a proposal from Eagle Energy partners and the Energy and Environmental Resource Center that outlined how this will happen.

John Harju, vice president for strategic partnerships with the Energy and Environmental Resource Center, says oil companies are leaving 70 percent of oil in the ground.

The three year, $6 million dollar project will look at ways to implement CO2 enhanced oil recovery outside the Bakken.

CO2 enhanced oil recovery is when CO2 is injected into the ground. When in the ground, CO2 acts like a solvent and causes the oil to expand and flow more easily to production wells.

Harju says this process will allow the life of oil fields to extend 20 to 25 years, helping out royalty owners and oil and gas companies.

"We at this point have identified 86 fields around the state of North Dakota that we think are ready for CO2 EOR. So we see this project as a spring board to again making that all happen," said Harju, Vice President for Strategic Partnerships.

The commission approved the joint proposal pledging $3 million to the project.