Independent Living Fair to be held for disabled community

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MINOT, N.D. - Independence Inc. says the disability community have continued to grow in the Magic City, one of the reasons why their annual fair is such an integral part of the community.

For the ninth year, the resource center is gathering more than 40 service groups to benefit the disabled community.

Offering everything from Recreation to home and community based services that encourage independent living.

The proclaimed, one stop shop, is something both fair goers and service providers say they look forward to attending.

"There isn't another fair like this that I know of in the country. So this is that one opportunity for so many people to get together and for people with disabilities who want to live independently to learn about the support and the resources that are available and also for the people who provide those supports," said Independence Inc. Executive Director Scott Burlingame.

"One in five of us here have some sort of disability. So getting that awareness out there that there is help out there for people that want to live independently with disabilities it's very important," said Drew Hanson, Independence Living Fair first-time attendee and vendor.

The fair kicks off Thursday, Nov. 16 at the Holiday Inn Riverside from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.