Impact of government shutdown on local level

MINOT, N.D. - The government shutdown is affecting more and more people on the local level.

US Capitol building background / Cropped Photo: Martin Falbisoner / CC BY-SA 3.0 / (MGN)

According to CNBC 450,000 federal employees aren't being paid, but even those without a government paycheck are seeing the effects.

Due to the shutdown, the USDA announced that it will not be releasing the monthly World Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimates.

Farmers and ranchers continue to have limited market information that is used for the price discovery and risk management of their business.

And the local Farm Service Agency offices have been closed, this is posing a problem because farmers cannot apply for new loans.

National parks are also feeling the effects of the shutdown.

At this time Theodore Roosevelt National Park is open to Vehicle and foot traffic but the visitor's center is closed.

Fort Union Trading post has been closed since the start of the shutdown.

All national park websites, unless operated by a third party will not be updated during the shutdown.

Even small businesses are getting hit.

Like farmers, owners are finding it hard to get new loans.

The Small Business Administration, which gives entrepreneurs loans, stopped issuing new loans on Dec. 21. This can keep small businesses from expanding and halting the economy.

With most government websites down, even our meteorologist Jaclyn Ehr is limited on what she can forecast.