Impact of distance learning on students

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BISMARCK, N.D. - With the school year coming to an end and buildings still closed many students will miss out on their end of year festivities like parties and trips.

Your News Leader spoke with students and therapist about the impacts of COVID-19 and distance learning.

Bismarck High school junior Grace Jerome, along with many others students experienced the effects of distant learning.

"I’m a big procrastinator, so all of our teachers, at least for me posted all of the assignments up on Monday or Sunday night and then we had all the way until Friday to finish it. So I found myself really leaving myself with a lot of work so that was the biggest issue for me," said Jerome.

Red Door Pediatric Therapy Occupational Therapist, Sara Erickson said patterns are key in any situation, including distance learning so when something changes it does have an effect.

"Just in general like kids really thrive on routines and structure and so obviously COVID-19 has really impacted their normal routine you know they we're going to school they were trying to do online learning," said Erickson.

Jerome said she misses all her junior year experiences that had to either be postponed are canceled.

"For sure having our first prom, but besides that I think just the end of the year it's like the most fun to be in school and going to graduation it's not going to be the same," said Jerome.

Jerome hopes everything will return back to normal by the start of her senior year.

Erickson said if families are struggling or having a difficult time they shouldn't be afraid to reach out for help.