Illegal marijuana usage evidence allowed in child scalding case

A Williston judge allowed illegal marijuana usage to be part of the state’s evidence against 43-year-old Marcus McCoy, who is accused of scalding a two-year-old girl in hot water on April 20, 2017.

A doctor who originally examined the girl’s 3rd degree burns will now also testify about how illegal drug-use in homes makes child abuse and neglect more likely. McCoy’s attorney said previous use or future plans to use marijuana would not indicate that McCoy intentionally held the girl in hot water.

In 2017, McCoy told officers the girl soiled her diaper, so he started a bath in the kitchen sink, and the girl fell in. The doctors said the burns to her buttocks, genitals, and both feet were “suspicious” and not consistent with his claim.

Prosecutors charged McCoy with child abuse, and his jury trial starts on Dec. 16.