I-94 construction in Bismarck-Mandan causes traffic troubles

BISMARCK, N.D. - I-94 construction in Bismarck-Mandan began in April and will improve overpass bridges; road delays have upset some drivers, but some people appreciate the work.

Bumper to bumper traffic is now part of the everyday routine when driving during rush hours on I-94.

"I was stopped three times coming across the bridge over here right now," said Alan Gilbertson, Watford City.

Gilbertson says it can be difficult merging onto the interstate, and that the traffic lasts after typical rush hours. Other drivers say people need to to be patient for the changes.

"It's give and taking for the temporary you know it's obviously kind of bad for us but in the long run I think it's good for us as a community to have better roads," said Lucas Wtsch, Bismarck.

The Highway Patrol says traffic will soon change to head on traffic on both sides of the interstate to continue overpass work. Lt. Steven Fischer says it's important people pay attention behind the wheel.

"Give yourself enough distance probably plan your trip in advance as well too and obviously the speed, just to slow down for the construction workers," said Lt. Steven Fischer, North Dakota Highway Patrol.

Construction is set to be completed by Fall.

They report there's been one accident near the site and it was due to a distracted driver. No workers were hurt.