Huntington Books offers something for all readers

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MANDAN, N.D. - If you enjoy reading or just browsing around for the perfect book, Huntington Books on Main in Mandan is the spot for you.

When you walked into Huntington Books, you can be overwhelmed with the amount of books the store has laying around.

Every corner there's a new genre and an array of novels to shuffle through.

Owner Sue Huntington says most people who walk into the store love it because they can spend all day looking through the 70,000 books that are piled up in the store.

"The variety, the excitement of the search, the excitement of the find, and then the excitement of the purchase and the ownership and go home with it," said Ron Shaw.

Shaw says his goal is to read all the texts in the store before he's dead.

"We have Christian books, we have other religions, we have philosophy, we have history and several brackets of history. I put the biographies in with the history," said Sue Huntington, owner.

Huntington Books doesn't have an inventory system, but Sue knows where most the books are located, because they are placed in categories around the shop.

"I know where every sort of book is, and I have an idea what I have on the shelf," said Huntington.

Sue says business hasn't been busy this winter because of the cold, but she's hoping it picks up in the spring.

Huntington Books is a buy, sell and trade book store.

For more information on the shop you can search them on Facebook.