Hunting in Minot City Limits

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MINOT, N.D. - With archery about to open up. A reminder that hunting is allowed with in the City of Minot as long as you meet the criteria and obtain a permit through Minot Police Department Crime Prevention Office.

"The city is a lot more compact than you know your typical hunting areas outside of city limits. Obviously fire arms are not permitted. Discharging a fire arm would still be illegal in city limits. So a bow while still a dangerous weapon in a controlled environment is a safer method of taking an animal. The other restrictions are also in place to protect the population,” says Senior Officer Aaron Moss the Crime Prevention Officer.

If the hunter is in compliance with all of the North Dakota Game and Fish regulations and state laws, they can obtain a bow hunting permit for the City of Minot.

Within the city, hunting can only take place on areas of one acre of land or more. Bow cannot be discharged across streets, or within 100 yards of school, churches, or playgrounds. Additional restrictions do apply to find out more about how you can apply to head to