Hundreds of volunteers show up for United Way Day Of Caring

Thousands of volunteers across the country are coming together Wednesday for United Way's Day of Caring.

In Bismarck and Mandan more than 1,300 people were out in the community putting their two cents in.

The executive director for United Way in Bismarck says this day is saving the community more than $300,000.

Lots of businesses, children and volunteers from all over giving.

People of all ages and of all walks of life coming together to give back to the community.

"The community only looks at us one way, as criminals. We're more than just criminals. We love our community just as much. A lot of us make mistakes. We want to show that we've gotten better," said Terry Pullins, Missouri River Correctional Center inmate.

More than 70 projects across the area benefiting from the extra hand.

United Way Executive Director Jenna Gullo said: "It's so important when we're able to bring people together to accomplish these missions. And we're able to solve problems. So much better than if we tried to go at it alone."

Whether it was building a fence, construction projects, or cutting veggies, these projects are helping hundreds.

They all agree, volunteering helps brighten the community.

"It's really nice to have the community be able to come together and really help out with everything," said Mckenzie Lawler, Dakota OutdoorScapes.

Gullo says this year they have more volunteers than ever before.

Many volunteers tell me they decided to do Day of Caring because it is a fun way to give back.

United Way says although Day of Caring is a big day for volunteering they are always looking for volunteers to help out across the community.