Hula Grill celebrates 1-year anniversary in Williston

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It was a tumultuous year, to say the least, for the downtown Williston restaurant, the Hula Grill.

A lengthy debate over the ventilation system went all the way to court.

However, a new system has been put in place, and relationships between the city and the eatery have dramatically improved.

Wednesday is the one-year anniversary in business. They're celebrating by donating all profits from today to three local charities.

"It means a lot to be helping, to be helpful and help out. I know that Jerry would do anything for anybody in the state, in the community, anything. So it feels good to be a part of Hula Grill and helping give back," said
Mehgan Moody, Hula Grill.

"There's an old saying: Lucky to live in Hawaii. That goes 10 fold here in Williston. We're very lucky to live in Williston. Coming from a community where it is Ohana, it's family and moving to a community like this, for us, it's been unbelievable," said Jerry Wong, Hula Grill.

The Hula Grill is expanding to Minot in the next few weeks.