Hula Fire Grill offers unusual incentives for deliveries

WILLISTON, N.D. - Local restaurants have had to make quick adjustments in order to keep their lights on and continue employing workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Williston’s Hula Fire Grill has shortened its hours due to an initial drop in sales. Its manager says they are only offering takeout and delivery. Sales have steadily increased every day since cancelling delivery charges and offering unusual incentives to customers.

Kitchen Manager Oscar Gutierrez said: “For all our deliveries we ordered extra toilet paper from our distributor, so we have an abundance of toilet paper right now. We give it out to anybody who requests it; anybody who needs toilet paper. We’ll give them either two rolls or three rolls depending on how large their family is.”

While employees continue serving customers, Hula Fire Grill’s owners are stranded in California. They traveled there right before the coronavirus started spreading. California’s governor ordered a shelter-in-place, and they don’t want to travel back to Williston and risk catching or spreading the coronavirus.

They are communicating with employees, and have them deep-clean the entire restaurant every Monday.