Huff Hills opening

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MANDAN, N.D. - The hills may not be alive with the sound of music, but they are with the sound of snow makers.

Opening day is set for Saturday and these machines are running 24/7 to get the hills ready in time.

"The latest we opened ever was after New Years. Those years like that where you lose the whole Christmas season has a pretty big impact, so this year for us to be open for the Christmas vacation season is really important. We're glad the temperatures worked out and we were able to get the snow making completed," said Andrew Beck, Operations Director for Huff Hills.

They have also expanded their inventory this year, so extra construction was underway to make room. They hope their 25th season will be a big hit.

"Twenty-five years is a really long time. It's neat to be able to have been around for that long. I think it's a testament to our ability to withstand some pretty wide variation in climate and temperature that we've been able to maintain and still stay here. We're not planning on going anywhere and we'll be here for another twenty-five years at least," said Beck.

Despite the round-the-clock work, only the blue lift and bunny hill will be open Saturday. The green lift will follow as soon as the slope is ready.

Getting the hills ready, and maintaining them, means those round-the-clock shifts will continue throughout the season.