Huff Hills Resort ends latest season ever with a bang

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MANDAN, N.D. - When it finally warms up most of us will feel like celebrating. Huff Hills Resort threw a party Sunday for old man winter hanging around longer than usual.

People came from across the state to finally cap off the ski season at Huff Hills' last chair party.

"I mean, it was icy at first in the morning, but it's turned into a nice, slushy, snowball fight kind of day towards the end there," said Kelsey Keller, Bismarck Resident.

Thanks to winter dragging out so long Huff Hills celebrated it's latest season close ever, and patrons were happy to take advantage of the extra time on the slopes.

"I just like being out here in the open. It's that beautiful weather today and it's just nice going down the hill having a good time with your friends and always fun," said Josh Hanson, Turtle Lake Resident.

Huff Hills also celebrated it's 25th year of operation. A snowball fight broke out at the top of the hill as part of the festivities.

"We've got second generation parents coming out now that grew up with me out here when we were little kids and they're bringing their kids out now so it's been a pretty awesome opportunity to be able to be around for 25 years in the community for sure," said Andy Beck, Mountain Operations Manager.

As the day drew to a close the chair lift shut down, and drinks were served at the top of the hill for everyone that stayed until the end.

This was not Huff Hills resort's longest season, but it was the latest they've been open by one week.