How to survive in a break down situation

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MINOT, N.D. - On days like Friday, temperatures can become life threatening.

If you break down on the side of the road, it could take hours before services reach you.

Your vehicles are designed to warm up and cool down, but when the car isn't operating and temperatures are below freezing, you could be in trouble.

"Probably more on days like this. Of course, anytime it's pretty important to have a survival kit, but I only carry mine in the winter," said Jess Sinerius, Minot rural firefighter.

Keeping safety tools in your vehicle can help make a bad situation a little better.

"Probably some warm boots. I'd recommend boots, hand warmers. You can put your hand warmers in your gloves or even in your boots" said Sinerius.

Warmth is important, so make sure you're bundled up. You can always take layers off, but if you don't have layers to add you could develop frost bite in just minutes.

"The extreme cold, you can get disoriented. Hypothermia sets in quick. You're probably safer to stay in your vehicle" said Sinerius.

Fighting the bitter North Dakota cold by first being prepared.