How the government shutdown affects Standing Rock

BISMARCK, N.D. - It's day 21 of the government partial shutdown.

Today is the first day thousands of workers across the country won't be receiving a pay check.

Waldo Zahn says if it wasn't for his four daughters, who don't work for the government, helping him stay afloat he doesn't know how he would be keeping his bills current this month.

"It's supposed to be our pay day and it don't look like it," said Zahn.

The government shutdown continues and government workers like Waldo Zahn from the Standing Rock reservation are hoping it doesn't last much longer.

"I ain't the only one. I heard on the news there's 800 thousand people that, and a lot of them don't got a place to turn. Sooner or letter I'm sure the tribe will help us out but as of right now we don't know I guess," said Zahn.

Tribal leaders in Standing Rock say they're on forward funding, so right now the shutdown isn't a concern.

Standing Rock Chairman Mike Faith said, "Standing Rock is looking maybe into March before we have to take that first step, and in the meantime, I hope the federal government does come around and get restarted, because it does have a big impact on us right now as far as the general assistance."

Faith says there is a continuing operations plan if the shutdown goes past March.

Faith says they have money set aside for emergency situations if the shutdown continues.

The community hopes the government is back up and running soon.