How the Roosevelt Park Zoo handles animal deaths

MINOT, N.D.- The Roosevelt Park Zoo says they have a plan for their animals from the time the arrive to when the pass away.

With the recent passing of one of their young Bactrian camels, Priya, we learned how the zoo handles animal deaths.

They first find out the cause of death by doing an autopsy on the animal.
If the species is endangered, the zoo will collect the animal's reproductive tracts if they needed to bring back animals in case they went extinct.

Then the animals are cremated and the zoo either keeps the ashes, or releases them over the prairie.

“Every single animal has a life plan. So we know from day one, either the day they are acquired or the day that they are born here,” said Roosevelt Park Zoo veterinarian Logan Wood.

Bactrian Camels are endangered, so some of Priya's tissues will be saved for further research.