How the District 8 recall election results could affect tax payers

Published: Dec. 9, 2019 at 9:15 PM CST
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Board members say the existence of William’s County Public School #8 depends on the upcoming recall election.

Dissolving District 8 into neighboring districts is something the candidates are at odds on. Curtis Sullivan is one of two recalled District 8 board members. He said the future of tax-payers and students in Williams County depends on the February 25 recall election results.

Sullivan added, “If you want the district shut-down, vote in Ms. Williams and Mr. Jundt. If you want the District to stay alive and we come to a high-school, vote in Penny Soiseth and Curt Sullivan. It’s plain and simple.”

Sullivan says they have planned on becoming a high-school district for a long time, so that’s what he supports. Chris Jundt and Sarah Williams are running against Sullivan and Board President Penny Soiseth, and both support District 8 dissolving.

There are many variables to consider when calculating how that will affect tax-payers. Most of the land-value would go to District 1. One of many possible scenarios shows that property-taxes for current District 1 residents would go down significantly, and stay about the same for District 8 residents. In that scenario, the new larger district would have five million dollars less in their general fund than the districts had when they were separate.

That’s one of many possibilities. Things could change until then, including passing a bond vote.

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