How low should a bond amount go?

Published: Apr. 16, 2018 at 7:32 PM CDT
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Some decisions that take place in a courtroom can baffle people who are paying attention.

For instance, last week bail was set at only $2,500 for a Burleigh County deputy accused of stealing a pound of meth and more than a dozen cell phones from evidence being held for another case.

Social media went into an uproar about it.

Prosecutors say deciding how much bail to recommend to a judge doesn't fit a simple formula, but is determined on a case by case basis.

The McLean County State's Attorney, who is handling Kerry Komrosky's case says there's more art than there is science when figuring out what to recommend for a bond.

Bond was set for former deputy Kerry Komrosky Thursday.

"I would typically ask for a higher bond but if mister Erickson is asking for a $2,500 cash bond, then I would ask for that," said Burleigh County assistant state’s attorney, Marina Spahr on Thursday.

Komrosky asked for a lower bond.

"I don't exactly have a whole lot of money to my name right now and obviously employment is not going good for me,” said Komrosky in court.

Many in the community wrote on social media saying they were unhappy about the amount and Komrosky was getting off easy as it was not enough.

“Trying to treat it as you would treat anybody under the circumstances is he a flight risk? I don't have evidence of that," said McLean County State’s Attorney Ladd Erickson.

Erickson says they approach recommending bonds based on that and a suspects criminal record, and if they're a danger to the community.

"Based on the weight and the offence, you know, I felt like doubling, or actually more than doubling the average bond was appropriate," said Erickson.

The Burleigh County trial court administrator says they do not have a predetermined amount for bond.

The Stutsman County Correction Center says Komrosky bonded out Friday morning.

And according to court records, several search warrants have been conducted since his release including one for a 2007 Honda and an Ipad.