How dangerously cold temperatures affect law enforcement

MANDAN, N.D. - Dangerously cold temperatures continue to impact the state.

But even so, many agencies, such as law enforcement, continue to brave the frigid conditions.

Whether its a traffic stop or helping at a scene, law enforcement is one of those jobs where you can't avoid the cold.

"It just makes the job a lot more difficult. You got to gear up, you got to have level three thermal under shirts, long johns, face masks, you got to think of the officer safety issues," said Leo Belgarde, Mandan officer.

But during the winter months, crime seems to decrease.

"There's a little bit of a difference in even just the type of calls we get in the winter," said Deputy Chief Lori Flaten, Mandan PIO.

Flaten says they see an uptick of vehicles stalled, and cars not being moved.

But she says these months come with "a little good, little bad."

The department says the officers are very well prepared for the conditions.