House of Representatives District 35 race: Martinson and Thomason

BISMARCK, N.D. - Incumbent Bob Martinson, R-Bismarck, has served in the House for over 40 years. Newcomer and Democrat Rachel Thomason is running for the seat for the first time. Thomason says she's running because her son's school was almost shut down last year. Martinson also says education is one of the biggest issues in the district.

"We need to make sure that state employees receive a decent salary increase, we need to protect their employee benefits,” Martinson said. “And also we need to adequately fund secondary and elementary education, very important in District 35."

"It starts at the lowest levels and I want to be sure that his school and all the other kids neighborhood schools remain a top priority,” Thomason said. “And that education is a top priority in the state."

Thursday night, we will be talking with Karen Karls and Joe Elsberry, the other two candidates in House District 35.