N.D. House gives final approval to new voter ID law

Published: Apr. 17, 2017 at 4:02 PM CDT
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If you don't show up with an ID on election day, you may soon have to stop at the polls twice.

The House gave final approval to a bill doing away with affidavits as a fail safe for voters who don't have their identification with them when they go to vote.

Instead, they would vote with a set-aside ballot which would only be counted after the voter returned to show an election official a valid ID.

North Dakota was forced to provide affidavits after a federal judge said the state's original voter ID law disenfranchised some Native American voters.

"I would be remiss to substitute Judge Hovland's opinion for mine, but I don't believe this will pass constitutional muster again," said Rep. Mary Johnson, R-Fargo.

"We're very confident that going into a potential challenge of this bill that we might sustain the bill," said Rep. Jim Casper, R-Fargo.

The Senate had originally changed the bill to allow voters to email or text a copy of their ID as proof. The House version still needs final approval from the Senate before going to Gov. Doug Burgum.