House approves major funding for Minot flood protection projects

MINOT, N.D. - The House has approved a bill that could set aside up to $190 million for flood protection projects for Minot and the surrounding areas.

House Bill 1020 would allocate $110 million for Minot and the Souris River Joint Board.

On top of that, the bill would also set aside between $70 and $80 million from state water appropriations, out of a potential $150 million.

Supporters of the bill agreed to one concession, that they could not go for more funding support from the legislature for the City of Minot until 2025.

A spokesperson for the Souris River Joint Board said the bill as-is would fund the first four phases of the flood protection plan for the basin, along with 60 percent of the home removals from the floodplain.

The bill now goes to the Senate.

Changes are likely to be made to the money amounts in the Senate since state revenue forecasts will change in March, though supporters say they are confident the Senate will look favorably upon the bill.