Hotline helps farmers find hay

BISMARCK North Dakota Ag Commissioner Doug Goehring says the state experienced a drought early this spring. He says the state has set up a hay hotline, where farmers can find hay to purchase.

Goehring says when early spring rains don't happen, it stunts the growth of the forage. He says it doesn't matter if it starts raining in June or July; it's hard to recover from that. Goehring says a lot of farmers and ranchers have struggled due to the dry weather, so the hay hotline is for those who are interested in hauling hay or looking for forage or silage.

"We put it in a database, we try to provide that information on a map and what happens is you can go and click on wherever you see that dot or move your cursor over it it will give you information and you can contact someone about having pasture to rent or hay to purchase," said Goehring.

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