The hearty, easy to grow Hot Wings Tatarian Maple

Published: Jul. 12, 2018 at 10:08 PM CDT
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Showing a tree that grow in the upper Midwest. Hot wings maple is a great tree that grows just about anywhere.

And gives you a touch of color in the spring.

This week our traveling garden is on the south side of Bismarck, right next to Riverwood Golf Course. This is the Pier Restaurant Bar and Grill.

There is a maple I want to talk about that’s so hearty and so east to grow. It’s a Tatarian Maple and the selection is called Hot Tatarian Wings Maple.

It’s a little tree, they only get to be about 22, 23, 24-feet high, and they have these hot wings, or these seeds. On maples we call seeds samaras, they’re seeds or their samaras, and when they fall off they go down kind of like a helicopter. When we were kids we called them helicopters seeds on maples.

It’s a very hearty tree; it’s an ornamental tree.

A few weeks ago we had the Japanese Tree Lilacs blooming for about five weeks, and then we had the beautiful Linden with all the flowers and the flowering Crabs in the spring. Now, we have all this color.

The leaves don’t turn that orange and red in the fall. The feature are these hot wings that the birds and the squirrels will get, and its a source of food for wildlife.

So if you’re thinking about a little tree that’s an ornamental, whether it goes on your boulevard or in your yard, think about Hot Wings Tatarian Maple. They are very hearty and easy to grow.

Next week we are going to have more fun with more ideas.

Until then, good gardening.