Hostfest visitors can learn traditional dishes at the Nordic Kitchen

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MINOT, N.D. - Preserving the culture and tradition of the Scandinavian heritage is a huge part of Norsk Hostfest. The Nordic Kitchen teaches the recipes from Denmark and Sweden.

When you go to the Nordic Kitchen, you can learn traditional Danish recipes like Smorrebrod, the open-faced sandwiches, or even desserts like the Danish lemon cream pudding.

"I like to be involved with promoting the old traditions. And to me, food is probably the most sacred of all,” said Stig Hansen, chef at the Nordic Kitchen.

Hostfest visitors fill the seats to watch Hansen at work.

"When I have made pudding before you just open up the package and stir it so this is from scratch!" said Karen Pederson, who watched the demonstration.

The open-faced sandwiches sound simple, but they are not what we are used to in the states.

"Denmark is the only country in the world that have open faced sandwiches that way. I am not talking about roast beef with gravy open faced sandwiches, I am talking about where you put a lot of decorations on it,” said Hansen.

The cooking draws a crowd. Some take notes, some take pictures, but they all say they cannot wait to try it.

"The desert is not real sweet. It is gentle. It is a very good desert,” said Karen and David Pederson.

Karen and David, who have Norwegian roots, say they have a list of Nordic Kitchen demonstrations they want to attend.