Horror on Harmon continues to spook community

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Since 2001 Horror on Harmon has been scaring residents in the Bismarck community.

What once started as a tradition on Halloween night has grown into a two-night event.

This is the second year the haunted house moved from Harmon Avenue to its new location.

"When you are here at night, late at night by yourself, it gets a little creepy, not going to lie," said Tom Braun, Horror on Harmon creator.

As the final touches are being hung by masterminds Tom Braun and Wayne Jundt

"We know what's going to scare people," said Wayne Jundt, Horror on Harmon co-creator.

There might be spirits lurking from the building's past.

Braun said: "It was a hospital: It was built in 1901 and from what I know it was used during WWI, it stayed empty for a while."

Sitting vacant on United Tribe's Technical College campus now filled with ghosts and goblins beware.

"What comes after that, the identity of the rooms you'll have to find out for yourself," said Braun.

Every year is a little different, and all the proceeds from the tickets go to a good cause.

"The goal here is to bring more people to campus, and this event helps us do that well at the same time supporting our school," said UTTC President Leander McDonald.

Tickets are $5.

Horror on Harmon is Friday Oct. 27 and Saturday Oct. 28 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. at United Tribes Technical College. For more information go to Horror on Harmon’s Facebook page.

Happy Haunting!