Hope's Vision helps people with disabilities ski

 A skiier at the Hope's Vision event.
A skiier at the Hope's Vision event. (KFYR)
Published: Feb. 24, 2018 at 7:26 PM CST
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There are tons of activities that pick up when the temperature falls.

Some winter sports are harder for people with disabilities.

An event in Mandan founded by a Girl Scout with vision impairment is now helping the blind to ski.

Huff Hills hosted Hope's Vision. An event that helps those with disabilities enjoy winter sports.

"The skier comes sliding in fast, and she's got a grin on her face that's this big. This big! and just being able to help someone get that in they're lives. It'll be a month before she stops feeling that smile in her cheeks, and I think that's probably the most rewarding part, that this really has long term impacts on people's lives," said Bradley Morgan, Ski Instructor.

Volunteers helped about 16 participants to shred the hillside.

"They just laugh and giggle the whole time they're riding down on the sleds. That's what melts your heart and that's what makes you come back," said Nicole Eckroth, Volunteer.

Brad Morgan is a ski instructor from South Dakota that comes and helps people get comfortable with the sit skis.

"I was injured in 1988, and that's what put me in this sit ski, and ski for light, my local program, were right on top of it, and then I became a ski instructor," said Morgan.

Brad says the hardest part is getting participants out to the hill and on their first run. After that he says you can't get them to stop.

If you would like to help expand Hope's Vision and other events for people with disabilities, you can go to their website at: dreamsinmotioninc.com