Home heating, plumbing care during extreme cold weather

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Winter months are a busy time for service professionals and plumbers. They field hundreds of phone calls to fix broken furnaces and frozen pipes.

H.A. Thompson and Sons recommends people to continue maintaining their heating systems to prevent them from breaking down.

Broken furnaces are the most frequent call service professionals get during the winter months.

"Cold weather usually brings on a lot of dilemmas; frozen pipes, furnaces, boilers, heaters," said Butch Norrie, Norrie's Inc.

But, maintenance in the fall can help prevent issues in extreme temperatures during the winter months.

"Two biggest issues that affect how reliable your systems are going to be over the course of the winter is the age of the equipment and how well it's maintained," said Brad Mann, H.A. Thompson and Sons.

"The cleaner you can keep your system, the more efficient that it's going to be for yourself and safe for everyone," said Norrie.

That's why Norrie recommends a professional to check your home at least once a year for gas pressures, burners and to change filters so no major issues occur.

H.A. Thompson and Sons also recommends people to clean out their exhaust and intake systems so snow and ice doesn't build up and cause carbon monoxide issues.