Holiday lights from the air

A holiday tradition for some is driving or walking around neighborhoods looking at Christmas light decorations on houses, but what if you could have a birds eye view.

Propel yourself into a Cessna 172 for a panoramic view of the Christmas lights around town. For eight years Executive Air has taken passengers high in the sky.

"Most people want to see their house, where their neighborhood is, the capitol is always good, and then there's some hot spots around town." Paul vetter, Executive Aire.

"The brother and sister that compete with their lights, you could see everything, and no line." Karen Klinger, passenger.

From Chestnut lane, the capitol, and all around Bismarck Mandan Lincoln it's a site to see.

"great visability, nice smooth flight." Trevor Meidienger, passenger.

An hour flight, with three of your loved ones can be the start of a new tradition.

"take the plunge, it's fun." Karen Klinger, passenger.

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