History behind Bucks for Bras

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Victoria's Secret has nothing on Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse.

The bar on third and front has $136,000 worth of bras blowing in the wind.

The display draws a lot of attention from people passing by, and that's the point.

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Bucks hangs the bras to show their support.

Each October, Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse turns into a monument made of lace, wire and elastic.

While the display is a first for Bismarck, Bucks didn't come up with the idea on its own. The HoDo in Fargo was the inspiration for this tribute.

“I saw pictures of what they were doing with the bras hanging outside and I thought good idea, way to promote it,” said Bucks General Manager Brad Erickson.

Brad said when he started he had just a few bras but now he has more than 3,400 hanging.

Public art is often a victim of vandalism or graffiti, yet in the past seven years no one has ever tampered with the display.

“Somebody is affected by someone in their life either a friend, relative, whoever. And I think that they know what it is and they just leave it alone,” said Erickson.

While some complained about the sight at the start, now people appreciate the presentation and sometimes stop to take pictures.

“We actually have quite a few survivors who have been models here, made bras here. They love that the community is so supportive and wants to do everything it can to help those who have battled the disease or are currently undergoing treatment,” said Sara Kelsch, Marketing Director at Bismarck Cancer Center.

The undergarments stay up as long as the weather allows.

This year five people worked together to set up the display and in total it took about six hours.