High schoolers showcase Beauty of Dream Catchers

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MINOT, N.D. - The Dream Catchers Baseball League gives children with mental or physical challenges the chance to play the game they love.

Now, two area high schoolers have taken it upon themselves to help these athletes showcase their beauty.

Ashley Hanson will show off some of Minot's trendiest styles this weekend at the Dream Catcher's Fashion Show.

High School organizers Kyley Lauf and Kailyn Vogel say that their inspiration came from the beauty of their friend, Ashley.

"I went to a dream catchers baseball game and seeing their joy and everything they do was really inspiring and I knew I wanted to do something to show everyone the kind of joy they have" said Vogel.

The girls have chosen "No dream is too big to catch" as the motto for their show, and where the message relates to the Dream Catchers playing ball, the girls say it ties in to the fashion show, as well.

"No matter if there's a set back in your life, it doesn't have to be a set back. It's something that you can easily overcome and it doesn't matter if you have a disability or if you don't have a disability. Everything is possible for everyone and we all have an equal opportunity to do things" said Lauf.

Hanging up the bats and gloves, for a night of fun and fashion.

The fashion show will take place on Sunday at the Sleep Inn.

You can visit withjoy.com/dcfs for more information.