Hettinger family starts Facebook page to educate people about agriculture

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HETTINGER, N.D. - Agriculture is one of North Dakota’s top industries, but it is an industry many people don’t know much about. One Hettinger couple has taken to social media with hopes to change that, and to educate people around the state, and the world, about what they do on their farm every day.

Everything that happens on the Christman farm is documented.

Jacki Christman takes photos and videos of everything: from sunflower harvest, to the kids learning to ride horse. Even the daily chores are documented.

“I take pictures every day,” explained Jacki.

She shares it all on Facebook. But this page is for more than just keeping in touch with friends and family. Jacki created the JC Farms Facebook page as a way to educate the world about what farmers and ranchers do every day.

“I hope it helps the ag industry as a whole,” she said.

Like many North Dakota farms, JC Farms is a family operation; Jacki’s husband Jordan grew up here.

“I’ve been here my whole life. I’ve been doing this since I was young,” said Jordan Christman.

Jacki grew up on a South Dakota sheep, horse and cattle ranch.

“He’s the farmer, I’m the rancher,” Jackie laughed.

Their kids are learning to do both. They’re also learning to be a voice for agriculture, just as their parents do each day in person, and online.

“There are so many farmers out there that work hard all year long,” said Jacki.

“A lot more goes into it than what they’ll even see on Facebook. If they ask questions we’ll answer them. I hope it helps,” added Jordan.

So Jacki will continue snapping pictures and sharing their story, one Facebook post at a time.

You can follow the Christmans on their Facebook page, JC Farms.