Hess donating toy trucks, STEM kits for every North Dakota student

Published: Nov. 26, 2018 at 6:16 PM CST
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Hess Corporation is donating 8,000 toy trucks to North Dakota schools. fourth-graders at Liberty Elementary were the first to get theirs Monday morning.

The trucks will also come with STEM education tools and curriculum, which superintendent Kirsten Baesler says will let the kids do more interactive learning. Baesler says you can't wait to get kids interested in careers.

“It truly is about third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade where our students are finding their passion.

They're knowing what they're excited about and what the like to learn about. So it's important we don't wait until middle school and high school to start to introduce them to different job opportunities,” said Baesler.

Getting kids involved in STEM could also help address workforce issues in the oil fields. Mike Turner with Hess says the trucks were his inspiration when he was a kid.

“I've seen these trucks since 1964 since I was a kid and I really enjoyed them and I became an engineer. My kids have played with these trucks and they're biologists. So I've got three kids already that have been turned into STEM folk,” said Mike Turner, VP of Production for Hess.

Hess says all the schools will have their trucks in January.