Help prevent Christmas tree fire

Pixabay (MGN)

MINOT, N.D. - With December in full swing the holiday season is, too, which means lots of home have Christmas trees up in the house.

Every year there are those trees that dry out and can catch on fire. We spoke with Minot Rural Fire department about how you can stay safe this season.

"The Christmas tree fire they go up very quick. They are usually set in from of a window, so you have window grapes and window dressings that catch fire. And it just elevates from there,” said Minot Rural Fire Lt. Kelly Haugan.

Haugan says that cutting your tree at a 45 degree angle helps it absorb water.

When the tree dries out that is when it becomes more susceptible to a fire.

Water it often. Make sure to shake the tree occasionally for falling needles, a sign it's drying out.

Also he says never plug more than three strands of lights together.