Heitkamp votes to avoid government shutdown

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., announced Thursday that she has voted for a short-term agreement in order to avoid a government shutdown.

In a statement Heitkamp released: “Lurching from deadline to deadline is no way to govern, and it’s unfortunate that Congress is once again kicking the can down the road for another few weeks. North Dakota families and small businesses understand the importance of budgeting and planning for their year ahead because they need to make sure they can put food on the table and support their kids, so there’s no excuse for Congress’s failure to do the same.”

Heitkamp also stated that the bill waved the PAYGO law, meaning Medicare and agricultural assistance is not cut, but Congress is still adding a $1.5 trillion bill to the nation’s credit card.

According to Heitkamp, Congress avoided a government shutdown but it needs to end this cycle of short-term spending bills.