Second fire this month at Hedderich's building in Williston

Two weeks after the Hedderich Building in Williston saw massive devastation from a fire, a second blaze started up this afternoon.

The Williston Fire Department says around 1:30 this afternoon they received the call for service. While it didn't require the same response the last fire did, about 40 officers responded to today's.

The Department says the fire is under control. It is believed a hot spot from the first fire is what caused the flare up, and fire department investigators are working on confirming that.

"The problem is you're looking at an area that has already been on fire, significant fire. So being able to identify the actual area of origin will be difficult, but we're certainly going to take a look at it and take it from there." (Ast. Chief Marc Brade\Williston Fire Department)

Brade says crews will remain on the scene to watch for potential flare ups.