Hebron Brick Plant provides foundations across the nation

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HEBRON, N.D. - Seeing a brick building that's made out of Hebron Brick isn't unusual, but seeing the process of making the clay blocks is. The Hebron Brick Plant makes over 26 million bricks a year.

Small town Hebron, North Dakota supplies their materials all across the United States.

With the use of automated machines, it takes seven days from start to finish to make a brick.

"It sped it up, and then tighter tolerances, all over better quality with the setting of the brick," said Jerrid Soupir, plant manager.

The sand that you see makes up 70 percent of bricks at the Hebron Brick Plant.

But to make different color bricks, you have to use other chemical products.

"We have a sand, a white clay, and a dark clay. So depending on the mixture, we can get reds, browns, all the way to yellow to off white color," said Soupir.

After the mixing, they add clay to the outside coating, which then fuses to the brick making it different colors depending on the temperature of the kiln.

After seeing the process of making bricks, realtors from Bismarck say they won't look at a brick the same.

"It's great to have the story that goes along with one element that was used in the creation of a home," said Dot Frank, executive officer.

The materials to make millions and millions of bricks comes from the Hebron area.

The Hebron Brick Plant has been producing building materials for over 100 years now.