Health insurance companies collecting data for pricing models, not happening yet in North Dakota

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Do you know who has your personal data? An NPR and ProPublica investigation found health insurance companies are collecting data and using it to change their pricing models. But is that happening in North Dakota?

Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread says not yet, but one day. His department has already reviewed requests to put data into pricing algorithms for property and casualty, but not health insurance. One example was changing rates based on how close you lived to a daycare.

“Where you live in relation to a daycare doesn't change if you get hail in your neighborhood or what wind blows through your neighborhood. It doesn't change a lot of those factors so it shouldn't be in the pricing model and so we backed all that stuff out.,” said Godfread.

Blue Cross of North Dakota issued a statement saying Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota does not collect third-party consumer information and use it to calculate premiums. Premiums are calculated based on internal claims data and analyses and are in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.

Sanford Health Plan said they don't collect consumer information. Medica has not gotten back to us.