Health care professionals gather for Stroke Conference

Published: Oct. 30, 2019 at 10:26 AM CDT
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A popular acronym for Stroke symptoms is F.A.S.T., which stands for Face Drooping, Arm Numb, Struggling with Speech, and Time to Call. It also highlights the importance of a quick response. This and other techniques were discussed at the Stroke Conference.

Hundreds of health care professionals from across the state came to the conference in Bismarck to better help people like Scott Hayden, who had suffered a stroke while out camping.

"After I talked to Kaye and she said she got the ambulance coming, and I had agreed to do that, which is unusual for me, I knew I was in trouble. I was in real bad trouble," said Scott Hayden.

Kaye had known the symptoms of a stroke, they got to the hospital, and got treatment. Recovery is ongoing for the Haydens.

"There are days that are tough, but the next day you gotta get back up and get back to it," said Kaye Hayden, wife.

During a stroke hundreds of brain cells can be dying every minute, which is why fast action is a necessity, it also makes a difference in what treatment you can receive.

"Nowadays there is treatment available to dissolve the clot, and if you're outside the window of getting a clot dissolved you may still be in the window of having a clot removed which is up to 24 hours," said Dr. Shiraz Hyder, neurologist.

It used to be thought that it was only helpful to remove the clot in the first six hours, but with technology and new techniques that window has widened.

The goal of the conference was to give health care professionals ideas that they can take back to facilities across the state and improve care from townships to cities.